$30 per 10x10 space. ($40 after July 15, 2011) Food Vendors - $60, $70 after May 1st. All spaces are outside, on grass. The use of a tent is suggested, but not required. After July 15th - no refunds will be given for artists, or food vendors.

This is a juried craft show. Art and Fine Crafts are screened for quality, workmanship and appeal to our event-goers. The jury process is ongoing and will take into account space availability and category saturation. Crafts are limited by category to achieve the optimal crafts mix. Only those products that have been juried may be sold at the Bayside Fiber Bash. Booths will be reviewed during the Bayside Fiber Bash.

* To review your work we will need at least Four (4) photos of examples of your works to be exhibited. (Please name images with your first & last name)

Craftsmen & Women may display and sell ONLY their own, original, handcrafted work. Imported goods, manufactured products, kits, or crafts purchased at wholesale are not allowed. Your booths and products will be reviewed during the Bayside Fiber Bash. Only weaving or spinning tools and related items are exempted from this rule.

10 AM - 4 PM for one day. You are expected to remain the entire day and NOT break down early. Craftsmen who leave early will not be invited to participate in future Bayside Fiber Bashes. You must not break down your display before 4 PM.

The Bayside Fiber Bash will be held rain or shine. There will be no refund for any reason. The show will go on either way, so be prepared.

Spaces will be preassigned to vendors prior to their arrival. Vendors will be notified of their space upon arrival and checkin. Spaces will not be changed the day of the fair.

Vehicle parking and other specifics will be provided just prior to the event. Vehicles may not be moved during the Bayside Fiber Bash. We ask that you park your car farther away, after unloading, to allow for our customers to have good close parking spots. All parking is in the designated field.

Space under tables visible to the public should be covered to the ground. Displays should be neat, professional and safe to the public. No setup is allowed in front of the tables due to township fire codes.

Crafters agree to carry their own liability for themselves and their products. A liability waiver will be provided with the contract.

There is no electricity provided or available. The use of generators are allowed - but please let us know ahead of time so that we can give you an outside row with no vendors behind you so the noise does not effect other vendors.

This is an annual event extensively advertised in all available local media including radio, newspapers, the internet, roadways, storefronts, etc.

Vendor Packages will be handed out the day of the Bayside Fiber Bash on your arrival. An email will be sent out with any instructions you need prior to your arrival.

If accepted to participate in the craft show, you will receive a confirmation notice typically within 3 weeks of receipt of your contract. If not accepted, your check and photos will be returned.

Thank you for respecting our efforts to make this weekend a great experience for you and our patrons. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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