Birds of Lighthouse Center for Natural Resource Education
(List begun in September of 2000)

species total
on 6/14/07: 130 T&E species: 16

American Bald Eagle
Black Duck
Blackbird, Red-winged
Bluebird, Eastern
Bobwhite, Northern
Brant, Atlantic
Chickadee, Black-capped
Chickadee, Carolina
Cuckoo, Yellow-billed
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cowbird, Brown-headed
Crow, American
Crow, Fish
Cuckoo, Yellow-billed
Dove, Mourning
Dove, Rock AKA "Pigeon"
Dowitcher, Short-billed (species of high concern)
Duck, American Black (see Black Duck)
Duck, Bufflehead (see Bufflehead)
Duck, Canvasback (see Canvasback)
Duck, Common Goldeneye(see Goldeneye, Common)
Duck, Gadwall (see Gadwall)
Duck, Mallard (see Mallard)
Duck, Oldsquaw (see Oldsquaw)
Duck, Northern Pintail (see Pintail, Northern)
Duck, Redhead (see Redhead)
Duck, Shoveler (see Shoveler)
Duck, Widgeon (see Widgeon, American)
Duck, Wood (see Wood Duck)
Egret, Great AKA "American Egret"
Egret, Snowy
Falcon, Peregrine AKA "Duck Hawk" (state endangered)
Finch, Gold (see Goldfinch, American)
Finch, House
Finch, Purple
Flicker, Yellow-Shafted AKA "Northern Flicker"
Galinule, Florida (Common) (see Moorhen, Common)
Goldeneye, Common
Goldfinch, American NOTE: This is New Jersey’s official state bird. (Goldfinch, American)
Goose, Canada
Goose, Lesser Snow
Goshawk (state endangered as a breeder; state threatened)
Grackle, Common
Grackle, Boat-tailed
Grebe, Horned
Grebe, Pied-billed (state endangered)
Gull, Bonaparte’s
Gull, Great Black-backed
Gull, Herring
Gull, Laughing
Gull, Ring-billed
Harrier [Hawk, Marsh] (state endangered breeder; species of special concern as a nonbreeder)
Hawk, Cooper’s (state threatened)
Hawk, Duck (see Falcon, Peregrine)
Hawk, Marsh (see Harrier)
Hawk, Pigeon (see Merlin)
Hawk, Red-tailed
Hawk, Sharp-shinned (species of special concern as a breeder and nonbreeder)
Hawk, Sparrow (see Kestrel)
Heron, Black-crowned Night (state threatened)
Heron, Great Blue (state threatened as a breeder)
Heron, Green
Heron, Little Blue (state threatened as a breeder)
Heron, Tricolor AKA "Louisiana Heron" (species of special concern as a breeder)
Heron, Yellow-crowned Night (state threatened)
Hummingbird, Ruby-throated
Ibis, Glossy
Jay, Blue
Junco, Dark-eyed AKA "Slate-colored Junco"; "Snowbird"

Kingbird, Eastern
Kingfisher, Belted
Kinglet, Golden-crowned
Long-tailed Duck (see Oldsquaw)
Loon, Common
Martin, Purple
Merganser, Common
Merganser, Hooded
Merganser, Red-breasted
Merlin [Hawk, Pigeon]
Mockingbird, Northern
Moorhen, Common AKA "Florida Galinule"; "Common Galinule"
Nuthatch, White-breasted
Oldsquaw AKA "Long-tailed Duck"
Owl, Great Horned
Owl, Eastern Screeh
Pelican, Brown
Phoebe, Eastern
Pigeon (see Dove, Rock)
Pintail, Northern
Plover, Black-bellied
Plover, Semipalmated
Quail (see Bobwhite, Northern)
Railbird, Clapper
Rail, Virginia
Robin, American
Sandpiper, Least
Sandpiper, Red-backed (see Dunlin)
Sandpiper, Semipalmated
Sandpiper, Solitary
Sandpiper, Spotted (species of special concern as a breeder)
Skimmer, Black (threatened as non-breeder)
Sparrow, Chipping
Sparrow, House
Sparrow, Sharp-tailed
Sparrow, Song
Starling, European
Swallow, Bank
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Rough-winged
Swallow, Tree
Swan, Mute
Swift, Chimney
Teal, Blue-winged
Teal, Green-winged
Tern, Caspian
Tern, Common (species of special concern as a breeder)
Tern, Forster’s
Tern, Royal
Thrasher, Brown
Thrush, Hermit
Thrush, Wood
Titmouse, Tufted
Vireo, White-eyed
Vulture, Black
Vulture, Turkey
Warbler, Black & White
Warbler, Pine
Warbler, Myrtle AKA "Yellow-rumped Warbler"
Warbler, Yellow
Waxwing, Cedar
Widgeon, American
Wood Duck
Woodcock, American
Woodpecker, Downy
Woodpecker, Hairy
Woodpecker, Red-bellied
Wren, House
Wren, Marsh
Wren, Sedge (state endangered)
Yellowlegs, Greater
Yellowlegs, Lesser
Yellowthroat, Common

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